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Uptime Monitoring

 99.95% Uptime is GUARANTEED, and…
PROVEN Month after Month.

Uptime guarantees are worthless.

Anyone can guarantee you uptime, because the cost of not meeting the uptime guarantee is next to nothing.

Say your website is down for 5 hours, and you’re paying $10/month. Your downtime credit would be 5 hours (out of 720 hours in the month). That’s a pro-rated credit of 0.7%. Meaning…

…you get a measily $0.07 cents.

Surely 5 hours of downtime costs you more than $0.07 cents, right? An uptime guarantee can’t adequately compensate you for the pain of downtime. That’s why you want more than an uptime guarantee.

You want a proven uptime track-record.

As you may know… more and more web hosts are over-loading their servers (cramming way too many web-sites on the same server).

Perhaps you too were lured in by their cheap price, and later experienced the cost — unreliable web-site performance.

Hearing cries of this growing fear…

SiteSuperHost added real-time and historical ‘CPU usage graphs’ inside your control panel. Finally… you’ve got PROOF your server always has plenty of EXTRA processing power, and… your web pages are being served instantly (not delayed by a traffic jam on the server).

top layer secured web  hosting

• Protection against malicious intent (advanced IPS technology)
• Protection against undesirable access (stateful firewall filtering)
• Protection against rate-based attacks (DDoS mitigation)
This $50,000 security device sits at the front of SiteSuperHost network….

defending you against devastating security threats and attacks — including: worms, viruses, spyware, file-based remote exploits, trojans, DDoS attacks, exploits of vulnerabilities (and much more).

LOOK at all the recognition it’s earned:



AT LAST… Backup Software
Worth Its Weight In GOLD

Imagine the unthinkable… it happens without warning… and…

… now you desperately need backup files — but there are none.

Think about all the sweat labored into your web-site. Should you really TRUST your important data is backed up? Wouldn’t you feel better KNOWING its backed up (seeing it yourself)?

Finally… now you can inspect your backup files…

Just login to cPanel, click the R1Soft icon, and peek at your backup files. It’s that simple. R1Soft is fully integrated into cPanel.

You Save Money, Too. Here’s how…

In the past… destroying a file instantly robbed your wallet (by at least 25 bucks), because a technician had to manually restore it (sticking you with a labor bill). But not anymore…

R1soft gives you full control. Now you can easily restore backup files (you’re no longer forced to pay a technician to do it by hand.)

And it gets better…

R1Soft never kills the speed of your web-site.

Older backup methods sporadically bogged down the web server… dragging your web-site to a crawl. But R1Soft’s patent-pending breakthrough squashed this…

You see… R1Soft copies data changes at the block level. This eliminates input/output stress on the hard drives, and results in rapid-fast web page loading — even while backups are updating.


cpanel web hosting
 The #1 – Industry Leading
Web Hosting Control Panel

 Inside cPanel, you can…

• Change the language of your control panel (23 choices)
• Change the theme of your control panel (14 choices)
• Upload your files using the web-based file manager
• Create your own Custom Error Pages
Password protect a private area of your website
• Block someone from your website by their IP
• Create a website redirect
• Create a cron job
• Create a new MySQL database
• Manage your MySQL databases using PHPMyAdmin
• Auto-install popular website applications using Fantastico
• Create or edit web pages using the web-based HTML editor
• Create a new email account (user@yourdomain.com)
• Create a new email forwarder (also known as an email alias)
• Create a new email auto-responder
• Access your email account using WebMail
• Create a new FTP Account
• Create a new sub-domain (http://whatever.yourdomain.com)
• Add a new domain to your web hosting account
• View detailed website statistics using AWStats
View your server’s real-time and historical CPU usage
… and much more
cPanel Partner
fantastico web hosting
Application Auto-Installer

Instantly install these popular web-site applications with one quick click of your mouse button. “It’s easier than checking email.


Barracuda  Networks
FREE Barracuda Networks
SPAM Firewall Service

More Than Spam & Virus Protection…
Beyond safeguarding you against viruses, and blocking your spam… you’ll never lose a single email. Here’s why…
In the rare event your web-site is down, due to server maintenance or a hardware failure — the barracuda spam firewalls will hold your email until your web-site is back online. Plus…
Multiple barracuda spam firewalls are clustered together… so… if one fails… another will take over the workload. Avoiding you the embarrassment of friends, family, and customers seeing errors when trying to email you. (others are paying $4.97/month for this service.)