Link Building


The way your website ranks in the Search Engines Result Pages (SERP) depends on many variables. One of the most important ones is the number of links in external pages pointing to your website.

Link Building is a term that describes the efforts to add links to client’s website in other sites. is provider of link building services as a part of a range of specialized services regarding the sites creation, design, hosting, maintainance, and their promotion.

You will find there are many link builders offering their services for making over 200 backlinks for short amount of time. Many of these so called “link builders” does the single way process of simple creating forum profiles with link to your site in their signatures without actually going through the trouble of commenting or posting anything on the forums. These pages are of no purpose and almost no value at all, so they are pretty much worthless. Not only that it is bad practice, but can also be dangerous if Google picks up an alarm that a lot of these pages point to your site. This can cause your site to be sandboxed i.e. de-indexed and temporary removed from the Google searches.

We use a mix of several main techniques and ways of creating backlinks to your site like social bookmarking, blog networking, social media sites usage, blog commenting, submission to article directories, etc.

Also, unlike many “link builders” out there, we don’t just use the keywords you suggested blindly, we do a research on them and decide to take action based on the given results. We also do a research on your competition (if any) and use that info to your advantage.

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